Posted by: Fran | September 17, 2014

Sept Camp 2014 (Day 2)

On 7th September, we had a trip to Sentosa for fun! All of us anticipated for this trip, as throughout the past 2 years of scouts camp, we have hardly any of this type of activity when we just get to play. So it was really exciting what we will be expecting. Throughout our time at Sentosa, many activities have been lined up for us and most of them were fun and interesting. We had various activities such as, Tug-Of-War, Water Polo, Wrestling etc. To me, Water Polo is one of my most interesting game I’ve played. Because we got to play in the sea which we hardly did and it was a different experience in the water. I find that the activities prepared for us were fun and meaningful as we got to bond as a Patrol and as a Troop. Take for an example Tug-Of-War, it requires teamwork and coordination to pull the rope in a synchronize manner to defeat the opposing team. Although, my Patrol lost all matches, we gained a lot from this activity. I really had a fun time there, although we felt tired and the painful sunburns we got from those activities. I’ve got to understand my Patrol members even better and am looking forward for another of this activity.

Ng Chong Jen, Darren
Patrol 2( Skate ) Patrol member

Posted by: Fran | July 16, 2014

Fox 50th Anniversary Campfire

On the 12th of july, I went the 50th fox scout anniversary at fajah secondary school. On stepping into the school I was amazed at the number of scouts exhibits on display. Yet the gateway was breathtaking in my opinion. The performance was unique and new to me as I have not been to many campfires, although I’ll admit that it was boring at certain points. I got to bond and understand my juniors more through this campfire. After the performances and taking a group photo everybody including me headed to have some food, everybody was disappointed on arriving that there was no food left, so we made do with the drinks. I feel that this campfire lacked activities to allow different troops to know each other but overall I have enjoyed this campfire and look forward to another one.







Patrol 3 (Eel) Patrol Member,
Lee King Jin Max

Posted by: Fran | July 13, 2014

St. Gabriel’s Campfire 2014

Today we went to Saint Gabriel’s Secondary School for their campfire, Zenith. The campfire was opened by the Guest of Honour, the principal of Saint Gabriel’s Secondary School. During the campfire we enjoyed various performances and participated in games such as Scavenger Hunt and Newspaper Dance. I participated in the Newspaper Dance together with Nicolas my Patrol Leader. From the activity I learned that being prepared and teamwork are very important. Although we did not win the game, I’m thankful for the opportunity to participate. In the midst of all the merriment, time flew by so quickly and the campfire ended. I feel that the campfire had successfully allowed our troop to bond with one another and also with other troops. I enjoyed the campfire very much and am looking forward to more campfires.




Patrol 1 (Whale) Assistant Patrol Leader,
Neo Wei Jie Shawn

Posted by: Fran | June 28, 2014

Dragon Boat 2014

Today we all went to Lower Seletar Reservoir for dragon boating. From this activity, I learnt that teamwork is the key to the moving of the boat. Everyone in the boat must follow the timing of the rowing, which therefore results in moving the boat. My patrol boat only had 8 people rowing, which is a disadvantage in the races we did, but we persevered till the end. Due to our perseverance, we were able to come first in the two races. Although we were all tired at the end of the activity, we had bonded together in this unforgettable experience.



Patrol 2 (Skate) Patrol Member,
Lam Jun Wei Matthew

Posted by: Fran | March 12, 2014

Sec 1s Investiture Is Coming…

Our Secondary 1 Investiture is just 2 weeks away!

Preparation on going to give the Sec 1 a wonderful experience. Unlike the previous years, this year programme will be in a different direction filled with joy and fun apart from some basic orienteering skill. So do look forward to it.

We will also like to extend our invitation to all the Secondary 1’s parents, to join us and be part of this special day in witnessing your son being invested as a Scout in the Investiture 2014 ceremony.


Posted by: Fran | March 3, 2014

Scout Activity (1st March 2014)

1st March 2014,

After the usual routine of building the flagpole and flag raising, the troop did some training and brushing up of our skills. We started with the map, by plotting points and the type of place it could be with the 8 digits given. After the orientation skills, we began to teach the sec 1s foot drills to practice for their investiture ceremony, then, we have a mock ceremony to let them be familiar about the whole process, with the help of Matthew Rover. We also have our own foot drill to demonstrate to the sec 1s how it is really done, with a change of a command timing. Then we end off the day with flag lowering and dismantling of the flagpole.

I realize that foot drill training is really important as the tiniest Imperfection can make the drill look ugly, so it’s good to train for foot drill as the sec 1s are not that good in their drills.

Patrol 4 (Eels) Assistant Patrol Leader,
Sze Zhi Ming

Posted by: Fran | March 2, 2014

Venture Reflection (1st March 2014)

Reflection of today’s knots and lashings activity:

I personally think I did not do a good job as I don’t think I was prepared enough to teach the knots and lashings as I had to ask my fellow scouts how to tie some knots and lashings. During the time I was given, I was also not around most of the time as I had a lesson to attend to. I did not conduct the activity well as I did not teach in a group, I taught them individually.

But for the good point, I think most of the Senior Scouts that came know their knots and lashings already due to the help of the ventures and those who already know to tie.
How to better teach the Senior Scouts the knots and lashings? I think we should already know how to roughly tie the knots and lashings by maybe watching a video tutorial? Even watching once can help you understand roughly how to tie so during the activity, you will not have much difficulty in tying the knots and lashings, and those knots and lashings that you are not sure of can be clarified during the activity.

I think this could be a better way as teaching in a group has disadvantages, eg. Some might not know how to tie this particular knot, and the one in charge of the activity will individually help and teach those Senior Scouts, so those who already know will be wasting their time. So, we have to think for others, we ought to be prepared, our scouts motto, so as not to waste our fellow scouts time.

Venture Programmer,
Ng Yu Jian Brandan

Posted by: Fran | February 26, 2014

World Scout Day 2014

On 24th February 2014, it was Scouts Founder’s day and to celebrate this day, we were told to form a contingent in front of the podium. We waited for all the students to be in the Parade Square before the celebration starts. Everyone was nervous and so was I as I was chose to be the timer for this whole parade. It was started off by a command given by our SPL “Baris Sediyah”. Followed up by that we had to sing the national anthem and say the pledge loudly and lastly we sung the school song.

After saying this year’s World Scouts day message, the team captain for the various events like Sour grape and 3 legged-race were asked to receive the medals from the new principal Mr Yap on stage. The celebration was ended off by a command given by our SPL “ Squad Keluar Baris”, as we march off from the Parade Square to Space. After that, Mr Peh gave a short comment that we did well and it was flawless.

To mark the end of the day, we had our flag lowering and followed up by a photo taking session to end this day off.


Patrol 3 (Skate) Assistant Patrol Leader
Lin Jun Hao

Posted by: Fran | February 26, 2014

Venture Outing 2014 – Paintball

After Founder’s Day celebration at Serangoon Secondary School, we headed over to Red Dynasty Paintball Park at Fairway Club to engage in the activity all of us have been waiting for. We went into the field after listening to a briefing by the empires.

On the field, we separated ourselves into two teams. Then we carried on with the game. Starting off with the scenario where the terrorist team have to plant the bomb and the counter terrorist have to defuse the bomb, switching sides after 10 minutes. Terrorist team will have to plant the bomb and counter terrorist team to prevent the terrorist team from planting the bomb or defusing the planted bomb. During the first round, my team was the terrorist team. We were able to plant the bomb and successfully defend it for 3 minutes until it eventually “explodes”. Next, my team then became the counter-terrorist team. The opponent team was able to plant the bomb, however we were not able to break through from their defence to reach and defuse the bomb.

After the 2 rounds of paintball, there was a special round made for Francis Sir and Noel Rover as Francis Sir’s birthday was on 22th February itself and Noel Rover’s birthday on 23th February which is the next day. They will have to reach to a flag from the end of the field in 30 seconds with 20 of us shooting paintball at them.

After the games, there were 3 awards to be given out by the empires. Firstly, the “Balls of Steels” award was awarded to Jing Zhi, Jing Zhi played both round without the vest and survived all the paintball going his way. Hence, he was awarded the “Balls of Steels” award. The next 2 awards are presented to Francis Sir and Noel Rover. The two of them survived about 20 of us shooting at them and reached their objective which was the flag in 30 seconds. Therefore, the “Pa Buay Si” award was presented to Francis Sir and Noel Rover by the empires. Once again on behalf of everyone that were present, I would like to congratulate the 3 of them for winning the awards.

At the end of the day, there are some values we have learnt from this activity, leadership skills, teamwork. Leadership skills where the team leader has to plan out and lead the team to the objective. The team then have to work together under the leader’s command and working together towards the objective. I hope that everyone had  an enjoyable time out at the field and have learnt something through this activity.

Lastly, I would also like to thank Tian Feng Venture for taking his time to plan out this paintball activity and eventually allow everyone to have an enjoyable time there.

Main Pic 2.1

Venture Quarter-Master
Cheng Wei Jie

On the 22 February, we went out as a troop  for the Serangoon District World Scout Day. We headed over to our neighbouring school Serangoon Secondary School for the district field day where all the scouts from Serangoon District will be gathering at to celebrate the Scout Founder’s Day. After the flag raising and a speech,the fun and excitement started with the Caterpillar Race. As the morning wore on, more events including 3 Legged Race, 8x50m Scarf Race, Sourgrape and lastly the Kim’s game. There were also various game booths set up by scouts from Serangoon Secondary School.

I participated in the 3 Legged Race with Yong Jun, who is in the same patrol as me and we got 1st. We got first in the 8x50m scarf race too but unfortunately during the race, because one of our scouts dropped a scarf and thus we were disqualified from the race. Our scouts that participated in the sourgrape hard work had paid off as they worked hard for it by staying back after school to practice on their timing for the sourgrape and got 1st. From this competition, I am sure that all of us learned the importance of teamwork as all of the competition requires at least two members and how practice makes perfect and the scouts that participated in the Sourgrape had shown us a good example of it by training after school and got 1st in the end.

I want to thank everybody for their effort they put in the competition. I am sure there will be the same great or even better results next year and also in other competitions yet to come.


 3 Legged Race Team Picture (from Left to Right) : Mr Yeo (District Commissioner), Tan Jun Feng (Team Leader), Brandan Ng (on behalf of Lee Yong Jun)

Patrol 1 (shark) Member
Tan Jun Feng

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